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Rough and Tumble: A Fiction Short by Marshall James

moonbeam in river
Same great story, same writer, new name.

Marshall James is (re)Born

For many years now I’ve wanted to do something with my birth name. I was born James Marshall Green to a large family in Mississippi. Somehow I ended up being called Mark as a shortened form of Marshall. (It sounds odd, and I’d never heard of that before, but I have a much younger nephew who is also called Mark for Marshall.)

About fifteen years ago I even considered legally changing my name to Marshall McNease, but decided against it. Now, at last, I’m going to make use of a form of it by doing some writing under the pseudonym Marshall James. I have no idea where I’ll take this, but it’s fun and something I’ve wanted to do. I’ve started by re-issuing my fiction short, ‘The Seer’ under the new name.


Health Listens with Cathy McNease: Let’s Talk About Sex and the Aging Woman (podcast)

In a follow up to Cathy McNease’s column on sex and the aging woman, we talk with Cathy about sexual, biological and emotional issues women face around sex as they age. On this installment we’re joined by frequent guest Terri Clark, as we address sex in aging, intimacy, and embracing who we are. Show link HERE. You can also listen to the podcast on SoundCloud HERE.

Cathy McNease is a nationally certified herbalist with a Diplomate in Chinese Herbology from the NCCAOM, a B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Western Michigan University and two Master Herbalist certificates from Emerson College of Herbology in Canada and East-West Course of Herbology in Santa Cruz.

Cafe B #15 with Mark McNease and Rick Rose

In today’s Cafe B, Mark and Rick talk about OUT’s 50 Most Super Important and Powerful LGBT whatever. Truvada – a white man’s drug? Smallest penis (power) contest, Justin Bieber’s deportation petition drive, and the sublime significance of Easter.
You can also listen to us on SoundCloud at the MadeMark Media channel.

Dinner with Gerry at the Sunflower (photo)


A splitting headache (photo)


‘Death in the Headlights’ chapters 1 & 2 available for reading

I’ve finally finished the third Kyle Callahan Mystery and expect to publish it in July. In the meantime, chapters 1 and 2 have been posted at the Kyle Callahan Mysteries website. Between hesitation, self-doubt and a depressing chunk of writer’s block, it’s taken me a year to finish this one. Once it’s out I’ll be moving immediately into ‘Death by Pride’, the third and concluding book of the Pride Trilogy (this book was a departure and features Detective Linda in the lead). What I love so much about writing this series is that the characters’ lives parallel my own. Or should I say my and my husband Frank’s lives. As we age, these characters will age with us, and I may well be writing a story where they all go to Kyle’s 60th birthday party to find a guest dead at the punch bowl. 

OUT issues its 50 Most Powerful LGBT … wait, I’m falling asleep … who gives a shit

I suppose crap like this gives publications like OUT a reason to exist. It’s better to be kind than powerful, and I couldn’t give less of a shit about lists of people I’m supposed to be impressed by for reasons I’ve been told to care about. This is why I do so little online reading anymore. It’s a sea of emptiness.