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Focus, focus, focus. In my ongoing effort to streamline and organize my life – especially now that I’m enjoying it in the New Jersey countryside and have the opportunity to rearrange things – I’ll be housing my personal website, Mark McNease, The Twist Podcast and LGBTSr all in one place, each with a dedicated page.

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Rod Hensel: LGBT History in T-Shirts – A Wearable Revolution

Rod Hensel

By Rod Hensel
The Gayging Advocate

There comes a time in the aging process when you realize that you have become, in the eyes of those younger, a historical figure.  For  LGBT people that moment usually comes in preparation for annual Pride activities, when interest in the early days of what we called “Gay Liberation” intensifies.  My historical figure moment came earlier this year with a call from Buffalo State University about tee shirts.

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‘Stop the Car’ Kindle Single Selected Again for Amazon’s Prime Reader Program

It’s been a good run for my short story ‘Stop the Car.’ Selected for the Kindle Singles platform two years ago, it continues to please readers (and listeners as an audiobook), and has just been renewed for a second time as part of Amazon’s Prime Reader program promotion, available to anyone with a Prime subscription. For me that means lots of new readers, as well as a most pleasing royalty payment. Thanks, Amazon! Thanks, readers and listeners!

About ‘Stop the Car’:

1977. Three teenagers on an Indiana back road, heading home away from the highway, away from prying eyes and traffic cops. One behind the driver’s wheel, two in the back seat sampling the merchandise that could get them all jailed. And then, as the car careens along beneath a black sky lit only by a million stars, they see it. The boys demand they stop the car. The driver refuses. Whatever it is they see makes the decision for them and stops the car in its tracks. What happens next to them could be real or imagined, but it will never be forgotten.

Author Marshall Thornton’s Newest, ‘Aunt Belle’s Time Travel & Collectibles,’ Sponsors The Twist in July!

We’re very happy to add Marshall Thornton’s newest novella, ‘Aunt Belle’s Time Travel & Collectibles‘ as a sponsor of The Twist Podcast in July. Marshall is a multiple Lamdba Literary Award finalist for his ‘Boystown‘ mystery series, as well as the winner for best gay mystery for 2015. His other writing includes the hit romance ‘Femme‘, a Publishers Weekly starred review.

Welcome to The Twist, Marshall, and thanks for letting us get the word out on another great writer.

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The Twist Podcast #54: Shakespeare in the Crosshairs, Clueless Kellyanne, and Marriage Equality Turns Two

Join co-hosts Rick Rose and Mark McNease for news and opinion with a Twist. This week: the week in headlines, Kellyanne Conway needs a real job, Julius Trump, and marriage equality turns a nervous two.

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The Twist Podcast #53: Jersey Paradise, Trans Across America, and Whose Rainbow is it Anyway?

Join co-hosts Rick Rose and Mark McNease for news and opinion with a Twist. This week: The week in headlines, Jersey paradise, trans across America, and whose rainbow is it anyway?

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Writing News: What’s Coming Up in 2017

It’s been awhile and I wanted to send out a ‘what’s next’ email to subscribers. I’ve been preoccupied with moving to New Jersey, a slow process with an end result I’ve been hoping for the past 10 years.

I’m now happily employed as a cashier at the Giant grocery store in New Hope. Fans of the Kyle Callahan and Detective Linda books will know the area well – it’s where some of the stories have been set, along with New York City.

So … What’s coming your way in 2017?

Murder at the Paisley Parrot: A Marshall James Novel

Marshall James (a variation on my birth name) is a 58-year-old man living in NYC who has beaten the odds several times in his life, most recently as a cancer survivor. He’s now two years past his expiration date, if grave prognoses are to be believed, and he’s decided it’s time to tell a few stories from his days living in Hollywood, circa 1980s.

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The Savvy Senior: Best Bicycles for Aging Baby Boomers

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
My husband and I are interested in getting a couple of bicycles for leisurely exercise and fun, and would like to get your recommendation. We’re both approaching 60 and are a little overweight, and it’s been a while since we rode.
Easy Riders

Dear Easy,
If you’re interested in leisurely, recreational riding for fitness and fun, a great option is a “comfort bike,” which is very popular among baby boomers. Here’s what you should know about this option, along with some tips to help you shop and choose.

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