The Twist Podcast #47: B to the Bi, Missing Queer Spaces, and Happiness is a Bombing Campaign

Join co-hosts Rick Rose and Mark McNease for news and opinion with a Twist. This week: The Weekly Readlines, bisexuality is a thing, where have all the queer spaces gone, and is that a missile in your pocket: why are bombs such a high?

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The Weekly Readlines April 13 (New and Expanded!)

The Weekly Readlines are provided courtesy of LGBTSR.COM


“I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”

–  United C.E.O. Oscar Munoz, after a passenger was dragged off an overbooked United plane


In the gaffe of this or any other year, White House Spokesman Sean Spicer grabbed the top news slot this week when he implied that, unlike Assad in Syria, Hitler had not used gas to kill “his own people.” Two words for Mr. Spicer: gas chambers.

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The Twist Podcast #46: BBC’s 100 Years of Queer, Disney Does Diversity, and Classic Concentration Camp

Join co-hosts Rick Rose and Mark McNease for news and opinion with a Twist. This week: a look at the headlines, the BBC examines 100 years of queer, Disney does diversity, and Chechen concentration camps.

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LGBTSR Contributor and Twist Podcast Co-Host to Compete in ‘Dancing for the Cure’ – And You Can Help!

Very few of us make it through life without being touched by cancer – our own or a loved one’s. Coming May 6, Susan G. Komen of North Louisiana will be holding it’s annual ‘Dancing for the Cure.’ This year my longtime collaborator, friend, contributor to LGBTSR, and co-host of our weekly Twist Podcast, is participating AND competing!

You can donate here, or, just as importantly (and simply!) like his Facebook page for the event. The person who gets the most likes gains a special award for their company as well as more money for the cause! So, if you can’t swing a few dollars, just give Rick’s page a like. Truly, madly, deeply appreciated.

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