Halloween Spooktacular Murder Mystery Sale!

While I’m preparing to release ‘Murder at the Paisley Parrot’ within a few weeks, I wanted to do something special for my favorite holiday. I’ll also be celebrating a birthday in late October, so celebrate with me while you wait for an exclusive preview of the new book!

From now through Halloween, all six mysteries & thrillers starring Kyle Callahan, Detective Linda and the mystery crew will be available for just .99 cents.

Find all the books at my AMAZON AUTHOR’S PAGE.

Read all about it!

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Coming Soon: ‘Murder at the Paisley Parrot: A Marshall James Novel’ Exclusive Preview for Subscribers

It’s October, my favorite month. The month I was born in, three days before Halloween, my favorite holy day – I mean holiday! The weather is nice and cool, the goblins are coming this way, and I have a new book this close to release. It’s no coincidence that my first mystery, Murder at Pride Lodge: A Kyle Callahan Mystery, came out five years ago and takes place on a Halloween weekend.

I’ll be offering email subscribers an exclusive, five-chapter preview, downloadable directly from Book Funnel (no need to enter your email again, just choose your file preference and download!). I was aiming for a Halloween release but we can’t hurry quality (or the proof reader). I can say it’s finished – whew – and you can look for that as my next communication.

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Mystery Maestro Marshall Thornton’s ‘Little Boy Afraid’ Available on Instafreebie

I’ll be sending out an exclusive subscriber preview of ‘Murder at the Paisley Parrot’ soon, very soon. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about friend and fellow author Marshall Thornton’s fabulous giveaway on Instafreebie.

Marshall is a multiple Lambda Literary Award finalist and recent Lambda Literary Award winner for his amazing Boystown series, featuring Nick Nowak and set in 1980s Chicago. In ‘Little Boy Afraid’ we find Nick getting one of his first jobs working for, and attempting to keep alive, an openly gay senate candidate.

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Jean Ryan’s Story Collection ‘Lovers and Loners’ Receives Praise in Summerset Review

I had the great pleasure this year of publishing author Jean Ryan’s second short story collection, Lovers and Loners. It’s only the third book besides my own that I’ve put out on the MadeMark Publishing imprint, something I reserve only for a few books, given how much a labor of love publishing is.

I recognized Jean’s gift a few years ago when she submitted a story for the anthology I was co-editing, Outer Voices Inner Lives. When the chance came to publish her second collection, I jumped.

And now I’m very happy to share that Lover and Loners was met with praise by the Summerset Review. It’s well deserved by an author who gives meaning to the term literary fiction.

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‘5 of a Kind’ Short Story Collection Included in Group Fiction Instafreebie (Sept. 10 – 30)

Love a short story? Be sure to check out all the excellent ones at this Instafreebie literary fiction giveaway, hosted by Lincoln Cole and running September 10 – 30.

Authors include: Katie O’Rourke, Karen Paradon, Martin Crosbie, Holly James, and many more. Life is short … and so is great fiction. And yes, I’m there too, with the collection ‘5 of a Kind.’ “The human condition in five uneasy pieces.”

‘5 of a Kind’ Short Story Collection Now on Book Funnel and Instafreebie!

Now available for your (free) reading pleasure on Book Funnel and Instafreebie.

The human condition in five uneasy pieces … ‘5 of a Kind’ picks up where ‘An Unobstructed View’ left off, offering five unique perspectives on the human experience.

About ‘5 of a Kind’

5 of a Kind is a collection of short stories that explore the human condition in all its folly, joy, despair and hope. From a woman whose small son is there one moment and gone the next, to a man who has spent his life peering out at the world from behind a curtain, to teenagers on an Indiana back road encountering the impossible. Each story and its characters express the inner voices of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Some survive, though in what way and in what state they had never imagined.

Already an email subscriber? Stay tuned, I have a preview of ‘Murder at the Paisley Parrot’ coming soon exclusive for your first look!