It finally occurred to me that there might be gay people in South Bend, so I found a couple sites, here, here and here.

I haven’t lived in this area since 1977. I was out in high school, an experience unpleasant to say the least, but it toughened me up. Slowly over the years groups formed, organizations, social clubs and, since the white settlers first chased the Indians off the land, local parks for the cruise-oriented.

Times have changed. I noticed a decade ago that the local Barnes & Noble had a gay and lesbian section. And with the internet, well, the Michiana LGBT presence has practically exploded. But over the years when I’ve sent the very occasional email to someone in South Bend or Elkhart, found on some dating site I no longer visit, they never wrote back. What’s that about? We should stand in solidarity, Hoosiers past and present who, no matter how distant from this place our lives take us, remain with a bit of Indiana imbedded in us like a curious piece of glass.

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