Sunday morning in lovely Newburgh, day five of a suffocating heat wave. We drove here yesterday for Frank to visit the director of programming at K104. Nice guy. We had lunch on the waterfront, which is pretty much the happening area in Newburgh. It has several decent restaurants, a wine shop, and a floating bar for the local-band crowd. There’s also currently a revival going on downtown (not the happening area) and we saw groups of revival goers on several street corners holding up large signs calling us to Jesus.
We’re right across the river from Beacon, known for the Dia Museum – if you like your art large, that’s the place for you. Giant installations, lots of metal and cable. Sadly, the local travel guide lists several historic towns and villages but not Newburgh.
We stayed at the Days Inn. I’m not going to be kind. This chain barely qualifies as a hotel. It’s more of a motel (a word you don’t hear much anymore). There’s some kind of kids tournament or event going on somewhere nearby and this hotel is full of kids with parents who don’t think anything of letting them play soccer in the hallway. The room is tiny. Basically one step above an Econolodge. I reminded Frank that my favorite place to stay is the fabulous Hampton Inn. We’ve been in several, including the one in South Bend, and they’re terrific. Nice rooms, nice staff, coffee 24/7 in the lobby, a substantial breakfast. For a slightly higher room rate, I’d say always go for the Hampton. We drove past the local one last night on the way to dinner and I yearned to pull in.
Speaking of dinner, we ate at a place called Yobo, which interestingly advertises itself as an ‘Oriental restaurant’ serving food from Japan, China, Korea and . . . Indonesia. The kind of place I would normally assume wasn’t good because they can’t make up their mind, but it was fine. Packed. Tastey.
So if you’re in the area to visit one of the places that is in the travel guide, stop at Newburgh, check out the waterfront, don’t stay at the Days Inn.
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