We spent the afternoon on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. It was a walk down memory lane for Frank, who rented a room there with some of his friends when he was in high school.

It was a warm day, crowded beach, very pleasant breeze. The boardwalk is like lots of other boardwalks across the country, especially on the east coast: a little bit seedy, a little bit rock and roll. Carny heaven, but the cheap games are a dollar now and the high-end ones (if there is such a thing) are five bucks. I played the water pistol race and almost won. I planned on giving the prize to a little girl playing against me. Just as well I lost – her mother would probably have had me arrested.

I enjoy these places. I was sitting there thinking, Obama should come here, hang out with the beer bellies and smoking mamas, the bad English and the carcinogenic tans. This is America.

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