Spring has arrived at last, and while the trees have yet to sprout those gorgeous green leaves (I call the short stretch of road between 651 and the house ‘the enchanted forest’ because it’s so dense and lush when the trees are full) it was still a nice spring weekend.

The site for the Delaware River Valley has a picture of the bridge we drive over every Saturday on our way to the Giant for groceries, across the mighty Delaware into Pennsylvania.

The Black Bass Inn, that big white hotel pictured, closed for a while, the victim of a road closure that hurt many of the local businesses. It’s slated to open again in April. Great place for breakfast, with a big buffet. I don’t know if the menu will be the same, but I was delighted to see it’s coming back. The bridge you see walks you over from Jersey to Pennsylvania, so I labled this post for both states. Living just on the border has a nice feel to it.

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