We drove over to Wilton Manors to have breakfast with Rob, a friend from work who’s retiring here in a few weeks. He had visitors from Amsterdam, and Frank’s dad went along. It made for a lively group.

It’s no surprise that Rob bought a house in Wilton Manors. It’s long been known as a gay enclave, though the official city website doesn’t say anything about that. We ate at the Courtyard Cafe, a very popular place with outdoor and indoor seating. The waiter was nice and attentive, and the omelets were terrific. I had a hash brown with cheddar cheese omelet. Frank had some grits one of the Amsterdam guys didn’t want after ordering them – something he’s looking forward to eating in Mississipi next week when we visit my family (though it’s an assumption to think everyone in the South eats grits – there are plenty of people there who don’t like them, just like there are people in New York who don’t like bagels).

I don’t have anything against Florida. I’d even like to have a longer stay here, it feels like we’re just getting rested and it’s time to go back. But the humidity (though it’s not bad now) is just too pervasive, and there’s that whole Prop 2 thing.

Anyway, I do enjoy coming here. And it was very nice to get out a little and not just go to visit relatives and the casino.

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