We arrived in Bethany Beach Friday afternoon, where Kathi and Dave have a house near Kathi’s mother. We’ve stayed here several times, usually with other people from Kathi’s orbit, but this weekend it’s just me and Frank. Lisa is staying with the women over at Aunt Marge’s (that’s Kathi’s mother).

Rehoboth Beach is always a fun stop, and we can’t make a trip here without heading to the Purple Parrot for dinner and karoake. I don’t participate, not being a singer and unwilling to get up and belt out something horribly out of tune, but the others enjoy it. Interestingly the Parrot doesn’t have a website, but maybe they don’t need one – they do a hell of a businss. It’s a very mixed crowd, with a significant gay clientele mingling and singing and dancing with the straight people. Last night was very gay-male heavy, a lot of young guys who sort of dominated the karoake, and clustered outside in the back to smoke and chatter with their girl friends.

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