We spent half the day on July 4th at Bethany Beach. We’ve been here a few times, and I’m not always in the mood for the beach (I burn easily), but the weather was perfect. Not hot, nice breeze, and I didn’t get too fried sitting under an umbrella reading a novel.

We went to the Blue Crab for crabs, but they ran out! As soon as we sat down the waitress said they didn’t have any more. Not good, since eating crabs is something Frank has to do every time we come. Compounding the loss was watching platters of crabs continue to come out from the kitchen. But it’s all-you-can eat and they have to keep a reserve. We’ll go somewhere else tonight to meet the crab requirement, after seeing a movie this afternoon.

We watched the fireworks on the beach last night. There must have been ten thousand people there, judging from the nightmare of getting out afterward. People everywhere, walking down all the side streets, and the car traffic was horrible. But we finally made it back.

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