It’s Sunday morning and we’re still in Manhattan. We never went to Gettysburg. A guy from Segs in the City (the tour company) called Frank on Thursday evening and said the 2:30 pm tour Saturday was cancelled, would we be able to do 10:00 am Sunday. Frank called him back, left a message, and never heard from the guy again.

So this is my review: use another company. We planned this weekend a long time ago. We had a hotel booked for Saturday night. I was really looking forward to this, and then they cancel and neglect to call back. Unfortunately it was a Christmas gift from Kathi, otherwise we’d demand the money back. We’re going to reschedule, but I don’t trust them now. So . . . if you’re going to Gettysburg and you have an inkling for a Segway tour, use someone else. There are a few companies doing this, find one that’s reliable.

Addendum: To their credit, the tour guide who had to cancel for a family matter wrote and apologized. It still threw the weekend completely off, but I appreciate their contacting me with an explanation and offer of a refund. We’ll just reschedule in the fall.

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