We had dinner for Frank’s (very belated) birthday last night at the Landmarc in Tribeca. Owner and Chef Marc Murphy has created a delightful menu that’s a variety of selections described as “a delicious culinary ride through France and Italy.” One of Murphy’s three restaurants, the Landmarc in Tribeca proved to be an excellent choice for an excellent meal.

Frank had the marinated white anchovies with radicchio, radish and orange appetizer, followed by grilled salmon ratatouille and black olive tapenade. I had the endive with blue cheese and walnuts salad and a seared tuna entrée. We split a side of leeks vinaigrette. I’d never had leeks as a side dish and they were terrific.

The restaurant has two floors. Downstairs was fairly full so we headed upstairs and had the room to ourselves (that’s why it looks empty in the photo). We got there early, and by the time we were finishing several other parties arrived to fill up the second floor.

Price-wise it was on the high-moderate end ($130 for two people, including drinks). They only sell half-bottles of wine, but that’s okay, it’s easy to finish off.

All in all, four yums out of five. If you’re in the Tribeca area, definitely give the place a try.

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