Frank’s friend Tom (aka Jammer) from New Orleans was in Philly Sunday to see a Phillies game and visit family. We drove there noonish, it’s just an hour from the Jersey house, and met him at the Holiday Inn.

I’ve never been to Philadelphia, just seen it from an Amtrak train or a distance driving through. We went to South Street, drove around a bit, then parked and walked for two hours. What a terrific city! I’d like to spend more time there. The cobblestone streets. The historical sites, of which there are enough to spend a couple days seeing. (The line at the Liberty Bell was so long we didn’t go in.) Independence Hall. You name it, the beginnings of our country can be found there.

We didn’t get cheesesteak, which, along with baseball, is a Philadelphia passion. There are cheesestake places every other block, but only a handful of really famous ones, like Geno’s in the photo. The lines there were about as long as the one for the Liberty Bell.

I’d like to go back sometime and spend a full day there, maybe even two. I had no real idea of what Philly was like, and probably still don’t with just a few hours to see it.

More Philly pix here.

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