My dear friend Fred’s in town for a week. I hadn’t seen him since he went off to work at a seminary in Pennsylvania. He came into the City last weekend to be vested as a priest in the Russian Orthodox church. We’ve been friends for eight years and share a lot of memories.

We had dinner last night at a new place for us that Frank found. Chinese Mirch on Lexington at Twenty-eighth is a hybrid Chinese-Indian restaurant that I had no real expectations for and was very delightfully surprised. Interesting dishes, from mild to hot. Very attentive service (our waitress stopped by at least a half dozen times to see how we liked the food, if everything was okay). Comfortable two-storey space and inviting décor. And, from the looks of it, pretty much sold out.

We shared appetizers (spring rolls, spicy cauliflower florets (gobi Manchurian on the menu), and Tibetan dumplings), as well as entrees (kung pao chicken, coriander tofu & vegetables, and Manchurian lamb). Every single dish was outstanding, so we’re talking a very solid four yums. I’d go back in a spicy heartbeat.

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