We almost missed the plane. We left the apartment at 7:30 for a 9:00 am flight. In good traffic and weather that’s okay, maybe, but it was raining and there was an accident on the expressway. At 8:15 we were still in traffic and I was getting nervous. Finally we got past the accident and we made it, about fifteen minutes before they would have shut the plane door.
We were on the gangway and I looked up to see my friend Joe as the steward, welcoming people onto the plane. Now, this is the sort of thing that hasn’t happened before and will never happen again. Joe doesn’t fly NY-LA for JetBlue. He does the NY-Long Beach route, and Ft. Lauderdale. He even said yesterday he’d never worked the LA flight before. But, here we were. On my birthday, flying to LA, and there was Joe, who I haven’t spoken to in a year and a half. It was great to see him, it’s been a long time and we’ll have lunch in the coming weeks.

The flight left on time, which surprised me given the rain. Overall the trip went very smoothly. We got our car at Enterprise, made it to the radio station Frank was visiting, and finally to the hotel in Burbank. So far so good. This morning we’re off to have breakfast with my old friend Sal, theater director and acting teacher who was the artisitic director of Friends and Artists Theatre Ensemble twenty years ago. I was a writer in residence. I don’t think I’ve seen Sal in ten years, since I stopped here with Gerry on the way to Hawaii. Then we’re off to Ojai.

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