I hope you enjoy this sampling of my fiction. My collection of short stories, ‘An Unobstructed View,’ has long been available on Amazon.com and now all 11 stories are available as an eBook for just $3.99!

From the book’s description:

The stories in An Unobstructed View unfold through the simple gestures of day to day life in a small town of eight million people. There’s the receptionist wondering why God has stopped listening to her; a child searching for a father who had been there just minutes before; a woman pressured to change her life by a cat in a neighbor’s window; a man questioning the value of his life as it abruptly ends. Moments in time that are arrived at through the journeys of lifetimes.

These eleven stories speak to the common experiences we all share -growing up, growing older, getting on with life as best we can, never giving up hope. At their best, the stories in this volume provide us with an unobstructed view into ourselves.

The new collection, ‘5 of a Kind‘ is now available as well.  And soon to be released in 2012, Murder at Pride Lodge, a Kyle Callahan mystery.  This will be the first in a trilogy.

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