Killer clown

I was going to stay away from the overtly political on the new MadeMark, but the emergence of Rick Perry has made me shred my pledge. This guy is very far out there, saying outrageous things in just the few days since he entered the GOP race. His latest eyebrow-raiser? Let’s use predator drones on the Mexican border. He suggests they’d be good for dealing with the drug cartels (who would then likely slaughter Americans by the hundreds), but I suspect a few dead illegals wouldn’t break his heart. (After all, this is the governor who allowed a demonstrably innocent man to be executed and took pride in it.)

The gloves are off.

From the HuffingtonPost:

Newly-minted Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry raised the idea of turning to Predator drones to help secure the country’s border with Mexico during a stop in New Hampshire over the weekend, the Boston Globe reports.

According to the local outlet:

Perry noted many unarmed aircraft are already flown in the area each day as practice for the Air Force pilots who will guide them overseas.

The Texas governor asked, “Why not be flying those missions and using that real-time information to help our law enforcement?” He added, “Because if we will commit to that, I will suggest to you that we will be able to drive the drug cartels away from that border.”

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