From Miami New Times:

CNN doesn’t have a problem with Shawn Loftis’s big, gay porn career. Should Miami-Dade County Public Schools?

Using the nom de porn Collin O’Neal, he won awards for virtuoso performances in hard-core films such as Mo’ Bubble Butt, Humping Iron, and Desperate Husbands. In 2005, Miami Beach resident Loftis started Collin O’Neal Productions. His film series, “World of Men,” was based on a unique concept: He’d travel to exotic — but not necessarily sexy — locales such as Lebanon and Serbia. Between scenes of Loftis cavorting with local hunks, he’d give viewers tours of famous monuments and settings, complete with historical context.


But in spring 2010, Loftis decided to dump porn to pursue his real passion: teaching. That March, he sold “World of Men” to a Canadian company, he says. And in April, he began substitute teaching in local public schools. He worked at Miami Beach High — where “they just loved me to death,” he says — Nautilus Middle, Edison Middle, and Fienberg-Fisher K-8.

This past January, Loftis was informed he had been suspended. Another employee had told Nautilus principal Allyn Bernstein, she wrote, that Loftis “had his own personal gay website.” When administrators Googled his “industry name,” they found “sexually explicit pictures” of — if our own search is any indication — the math sub engaging in nude acrobatics with buff, furry men.

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