This is why we always say tap water is fine when a waiter asks: you’re probably going to get it anyway.

Striking workers from Central Park’s Boathouse restaurant are letting the public know that those among them stupid enough to pay $8 for a bottle of “premium” water are getting it from the sink.

From Gothamist:

People have been selling packaged New York City tap water for years…but charging $8-a-pop per bottle for the champagne of municipal waters? That’s a little rich for our blood. And yet that is exactly what the striking workers at the Central Park Boathouse say that operator Dean Poll has had them charge for bottles of filtered tap water for years.

Gatecrasher noted this weekend that the striking employees outside the Boathouse were handing out bottles of “REAL and FREE Bottled Spring Water” near the waterfront restaurant as part of their protest. On the bottles? Their “Dump Dean” slogan along with the claim that he “cheats his employees and the taxpayers of New York City.”

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