As if Tuesday’s earthquake devastation wasn’t enough punishment for gay marriage, now God is sending a tidal wave . . . or a storm surge or something the religious extremists will claim is payback for the homo-love.

We’re headed for Philly late this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll be driving back and not taking a boat.

From the Wall St. Journal:

MARGARETVILLE, N.Y. — New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection is lowering the water level in some of its upstate reservoirs to make more room for storm runoff as Hurricane Irene approaches.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Rush says the city has increased water release rates from the Neversink and Pepacton reservoirs in Delaware and Sullivan counties.

Rush said releasing more water ahead of the storm will help minimize any potential flooding in the surrounding communities, without depleting the drinking water supply of nine million New York City residents. The storm is expected to arrive in New York on Sunday.

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