So young. So dead.

A new business model is keeping up with NYC’s high heroin demand.

From the HuffPost:

Recent raids by the special prosecutor, DEA, New York Police Department and New York State Police have resulted in multiple arrests and larger and larger seizures. They’ve also given colorful insight into current operations.

One mill was located in a newly renovated apartment in midtown Manhattan that rented for $3,800 a month and was mere blocks from Times Square and Broadway theaters. Workers there used coffee grinders to cut the drug. They then filled glassines stamped with the brand names “Jersey Boys” – title of a hit musical – and “95 South” – a reference to the interstate served by the nearby Lincoln Tunnel.


The DEA has seized about 205 pounds of heroin in New York City and the rest of the state so far this year, a pace that would eclipse the 278 pounds total last year and the 169 pounds in 2009. The seizures this year have accounted for a quarter of those for the entire nation.

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