Porsche, right, saves Rachel in late-game shocker

Fine, I’m a Big Brother junkie, so what. I was losing interest fast as it appeared Rachel and Jordan would end up at the top, along with the loser Adam, who has done nothing but suck ass all season to try and end up third, as if that were the goal. So I go ahead and fall asleep last night, figuring after Obama’s speech there was just no point in staying conscious. (More on that in the coming months: light the fire, folks! The GOP’s continued disgraceful, open show of contempt for a sitting president brings into focus the need to kick take these arrogant bastards down.)

Anyway . . . just now I go online and discover – shock! – America’s sweetheart, having gotten there solely through being sweet and cute, got the axe! Poor thing won’t be taking home another half million. The evil Porsche won the power of veto, saved herself, and evicted Jordan in a twist for the ages. Thank god we taped it!

Please, please, please let Adam be the next out. It will make the jury voting very interesting, given that half of them are in one alliance and the others in the other! Head spinning yet? That’s what makes the show fun.

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