If it’s summer in Manhattan there’s a street fair somewhere. This morning we found one a block from the apartment, when we headed out to walk the Highline for the first time, only to discover it was raining. No Highline today, but we did take a stroll through the street fair.

I’m not a fan of them. Mostly it seems like stalls of crap interspersed with stalls of food crap, and when Frank suggested we find something to eat there I took us to the Bluebell Cafe instead. Then, having had breakfast and not being hungry, we started seeing some really interesting items and food on offer at the fair. Who knew! We could have had Korean food, waist-busting gourmet mac and cheese, crab cakes. I don’t remember ever seeing such interesting things at a street fair. We did buy some lobster bisque on the way home to have with dinner. The next time I’ll wait and see what’s there.

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