I guess they got rid of the rat turds.

From PR Newswire:

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — Internationally renowned psychic-intuitive-medium Char Margolis will be leading a seance to contact the spirits of Serendipity past. The landmark NYC restaurant, founded in 1954, has been fodder for celebrity gossip dating back to Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, who were there on a tryst, to Andy Warhol using the restaurant as his living room. Margolis hopes to reach the many bold-faced names that frequented the restaurant including Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, Dennis Hopper, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, John Lennon, John Kennedy Jr., Jackie O and many more.

The event, which takes place on September 15th – the restaurant’s 57th anniversary, hopes to attract family members, co-stars, and other people connected to the stars to help make contact with the departed spirits. In addition to the guests, Serendipity will have many celebrity artifacts that will help act as conduits to reach the spirits. Items such as Andy Warhol’s signed life insurance policy, Clark Gable’s GQ Award, Jimmy Cagney’s SAG card, Mae West’s signed movie contract, an autographed photo of Marlene Dietrich, and an original Marilyn Monroe Look Magazine newsstand poster will be displayed at the restaurant, all courtesy of Gotta Have It!

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