I haven’t the slightest idea why people like Ron Paul, and I’m quite sure he’d lose a great many fans if they actually lived in a country governed by his ideas. In the debate Monday night he said he’d been a doctor when people cared for each other, including churches, not relying on the government. Sorry, but I don’t plan on going to my pastor when my spleen needs to be removed.

As it turns out, something very similar to the scenario he responded to actually happened to his ex-campaign manager. The family was hit with a $400,000 medical bill and the guy died anyway. I hope it struck a chord for Ron when the crowd cheered him on to let the man die.

From the HuffPost:

WASHINGTON — When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer pressed Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) over what he would do if a 30-year-old uninsured man suddenly slipped into a coma and needed care, he did so, in all likelihood, not knowing just how personal a question it was for the Texas Republican.

Paul’s 2008 campaign manager, Kent Snyder, went through a strikingly similar experience to Blitzer’s hypothetical one, dying of complications from viral pneumonia just two weeks after Paul ended his presidential bid. Snyder was uninsured, so family and friends were forced to raise funds to cover his $400,000 in medical bills. Their efforts included setting up a website soliciting contributions from Paul supporters.

The episode reflects what Paul himself argued should be the free-market ideal for health insurance policy. During Monday night’s GOP primary debate, the libertarian Republican made the case that health insurance coverage was a choice. If one decided to forgo it, he ran the risk of mounting bills. If a patient was on his deathbed, it wasn’t the taxpayers’ responsibility to pick up that tab.

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