Last night we went to see Dina Martina at the Laurie Beechman Theater, our second time this year. I’d happened upon her by accident and she looked interesting, so off we went back in the spring (or maybe last fall, I seem to remember her talking about having just finished her summer run in Provincetown then, too; time is so elusive). This is a wonderfully weird performer, not to be categorized with drag at all, in my opinion. Dina Martina is something altogether different, and belongs in a category of her own. And so connected is the performer (Grady West) with the creation that I can’t think of her as him or of Dina as someone who made her up.

Alan Cumming was sitting at the next table, just throwing that out. He had a baseball cap on at first and I said to Frank, “I think that’s Alan Cumming.” The cap came off and I was right. He was at a table with three other men and from what I could tell he enjoyed the show.

Dina was as strange as ever. She likes to wear dresses that can’t be zipped in the back, so you see this bizarre female character with a hairy back. Nothing else fits, including the smear of lipstick. This show was more songs than the last, and I think I liked the first show better . Not sure why. She came down into the audience a lot last night, and sang one song to the back of my head. She seems to specialize in singing familiar songs with completely made-up lyrics. Very funny indeed, and I love the Laurie Beechman, a great space for this sort of thing. If you get a chance to see Dina Martina, put her on your list. She’s not something you’ll find yourself describing easily.

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