We had to go to Frenchtown to dry our laundry – the dryer’s on the fritz again, after working fine for a year and a half. Machines are mysterious.

So while we waited for the clothes to dry we walked up the street to the Frenchtown Cafe on Bridge Street. Surprisingly, we hadn’t been there before, but what a treat! It was decorated for the fall/Halloween season, and packed to the ceiling fans – for good reason. Everything was extra tasty, from the coffee to the omelets. I had a Greek omelet, which in most places includes tomatoes but not here: spinach, olives and feta cheese, made to perfection. Frank had something called a ‘Gay Paree’ with brie cheese and mushrooms. Gooey and delectable.

While it’s not common for cafe/diner type restaurants to get four yums, this places earns it for outstanding food, friendly service and a very comfortable atmosphere. It should be on anyone’s go-again list.

*Reviews are based on a one-to-five yum rating, with one being don’t even think about it, and five being you’re not likely to find any better.

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