This is one we’ll remember for years to come. There hasn’t been a significant, winter-like snowstorm in October since the Civil War, and this is one for the records.

We had no idea how severe it was going to be, so off we went to the Jersey house on Saturday morning. As we were driving not far from the house, the passenger-side windshield wiper broke – not just the wiper, but the apparatus – and started slamming against the windshield. Had it been the driver’s side we would have had to pull over and call AAA.

We made it to the house and decided to eat whatever little there was there for dinner and stay inside. Then in the late afternoon the power went out, as it did for 600,000 other New Jerseyites. There’s nothing quite as boring as sitting in a darkening house with candles. So finally we decided to brave the drive to the Giant in New Hope and at least get groceries. Their power had gone out in the afternoon and it appeared they’d be losing all their dairy and meat, and were running lights on a generator.

We did some shopping and found one restaurant open, the Stockton Inn in Stockton, on the way home. We went there and were eating dinner with maybe a half dozen other couples. Frank was still upset about the whole thing and I said, “Just let it go. We’re powerless.” And as if on cue, the instant I said we were powerless, the lights went out! We ended up having a lovely meal by candlelight, but the whole thing was very strange and more than a little unsettling.

Sunday morning the power was still out. The water wasn’t running, it was freezing in the house, so we just packed it up and came home. What an experience.

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