This is a re-post of a travel piece from last spring. To reiterate: I deleted all my posts in a fit of whatever and am slowly re-posting the travel pieces I have on Photobucket and YouTube for posterity. All the snarky political shit is gone, and good riddance.

New Castle, Delaware, hosts an annual day of garden and home tours. It’s been doing this for 86 years, and Frank and I headed over there last May to give it a look-see. It made for a wonderful day trip . Many of the townspeople dressed up in colonial-era garb. The first house we toured was owned by a black family that had managed to keep the house for many generations, back to when one of their ancestors was kidnapped and heading for a terrible fate: to be sold as a slave. The townspeople rallied to her defense, and managed to put the men who kidnapped her on trial.

There was a park festival as well, and we got in a few gardens along the way. If you’re anywhere near the area this coming spring consider spending A Day in Old New Castle.

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