Let me preface this by saying I was a playwright for ten years, had six of them produced and reviewed and the critics weren’t always kind. I had my first full-length play described in the Los Angeles Times as having “excruciating dialogue” and, once I won an Emmy for a children’s TV program, I realized I’d kept writing scripts all those years as a way of chasing validation. A way to say fuck you to the LA Times critic and the guy from the LA Weekly who specialized in snide. My last play was at New Jersey Rep in 2002 and I was happy to walk away from the collaboration required in the medium, returning to the joy and solitude of fiction.

Having said that, we went to see a return of “The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever,” and while Frank thinks it has potential, my take is that it’s so bad it’s good. Sort of. If such a thing is possible. I’m not looking to review the play and won’t. It is what it is, and hopefully not every show they do will have three times the number of cast members as audience members (it hasn’t opened yet). All I can really say is I felt for the guy who wrote it and any “hilarious send-up” type review you might read is coming out of a PR campaign somewhere. It made me glad I stopped writing plays.

Afterward we had dinner at a Sushi place that was so authentic the plastic menus had a melted appearance to them and the waiter didn’t understand when Frank was joking with him, always an awkward experience. But very, very tasty!

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