Is Maw-Maw a dealer?


St. Louis (KSDK) — Senior citizens are selling prescription pills to pay bills and often teenagers are the buyers.

According to the CEO of a drug and alcohol treatment center in downtown St. Louis, some teenagers are making their rounds at senior citizen homes to purchase prescription pills.

The CEO of the Black Alcohol/Drug Service Information Center (BASIC) says he’s had his pulse on the community for more than 30 years and knows this is happening. Oval Miller says seniors sell their pills to teens. Teens go to senior citizen homes in the city, establish a relationship with someone, and get their prescription from them every month. Miller says these seniors, who have a fixed income, are typically offered $2 a pill for Vicodin, for example.

“So here’s someone who says, ‘Your doctor just gave you 120 pills. I’ll give you $200 for those pills and every first of the month, when you get your prescription, you call me and give me $200.’ That’s where they’re getting them from,” Miller says.

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