Tea Party heartthrob and deadbeat dad poster boy Rep. Joe Walsh blasts veterans protesting with Occupy Wall Street.

From the Huffington Post:

U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) slammed Occupy Wall Street protesters during a town hall meeting in suburban Gurnee, Ill. Saturday, calling the movement a “well-orchestrated, well-funded, far left effort to disrupt the American people” before admitting that he had never attended a protest.

Walsh, a Tea Party favorite who apologized last week after screaming at a constituent during a similar event, was reacting to constituent criticism of the Occupy movement when he let them know how he felt about it.

“[Occupy is] an anti-American, well-funded left wing effort,” Walsh told the crowd, to a mix of applause and boos. He also said the movement was created to “rile up Obama’s left base.”


When one constituent stood up and pointed out that veterans have participated in the Occupy movement, Walsh brushed it off.

“I don’t know how many veterans are part of the Occupy protest,” he said. “I can’t imagine it’s many. But anyone who would advocate socialist solutions to certain problems in this country … they don’t understand this country.”

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