Michelle Obama, as seen in the Rush Limbaugh/NASCAR imagination

Can you imagine anyone other than Boss Limbaugh, pig at any size, not losing his job over something this baldly racist? I don’t understand why this isn’t a bigger deal in the media. He referred to the black First Lady of the United States as ‘uppity’, a word almost exclusively reserved for black people who dare to step above their station, and historically followed by the word ‘negro’ (to be kind). Simply astonishing.

From Your Black World:

The face of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, showed his plantation roots again by referring to the First Lady of the United States as “uppity.”
When chit-chatting about the recent disrespect shown Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden at a recent NASCAR event, Limbaugh defended the booers, claiming they had every right to do so, considering they were paying for the Obama family’s excessive and expensive vacations:

“I’ll tell you something else — we don’t like paying millions of dollars for Mrs. Obama’s vacations,” he said. “The NASCAR crowd doesn’t quite understand why, when the husband and the wife are going the same place, the first lady has to take her own Boeing 757 with family and kids and hangers-on four hours earlier than her husband, who will be on his 747. NASCAR people understand that’s a little bit of a waste. They understand it is a little bit of uppity-ism. First ladies have not been known to hop their own 757s four hours ahead of their husband when they’re going the same place.”

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