Whatever happened to humility as a virtue? Sure, most politicians are egomaniacs, but the self-love and self-importance of New Gingrich, who fancies himself an intellectual giant, takes the breath away. And then there’s Donald Trump, clown of clowns, shooting back at Ron Paul’s refusal to participate in his circus that Paul’s candidacy is a joke.

This would all be most amusing if the stakes for the country weren’t so high. Paul said joining Trump’s “debate” would be beneath the presidency. But isn’t this entire Republican primary?

From the HuffPost:

WASHINGTON — Real estate giant Donald Trump says former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “doesn’t get the traction” he needs to nail down the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump, who will moderate a GOP candidate debateon Dec. 27, says Romney struggles to stay in front, saying “I don’t know what it is.”

Trump tells NBC’s “Today” accusations that Romney flip-flops on issues are absurd, saying “we all change our minds on things.”

He brushed aside decisions by both Ron Paul andJon Huntsman to stay out of the debate, calling them “joke candidates.”

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