Zuccotti office park

Welcome to the cubicle life . . .

From Gothamist:

Those hippie bums looking for a handout in Zuccotti Park can pack up their drums and go home: a Wall Street brokerage firm has magnanimously started offering protesters jobs, starting with one Tracy Postert, who’s traded in her protest sign for a desk job just blocks from the park. Postert had been demonstrating at Zuccotti holding signs such as “Reagan sucks,” “I’ll vote after the revolution,” and “Ph.D. Biomedical Scientist seeking full time employment, ask me for my resume.” Guess which one got her the job at John Thomas Financial Brokerage?

Naturally, the firm is milking this hire/publicity stunt for all its worth, and the Post is all too happy to make it their cover story today, with the headline “Occupier gets an occupation.”

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