I don’t know how anyone who’s not vicious and bitter to the core can stand the thought of this vicious, bitter man in the White House. He even looks miserable, and you can see the fires of darkest hell burning in his eyes. Which is why the Christian fanatics love him! He’s as nasty and mean as they are.

From the HuffPost:

JOHNSTON, Iowa — Newt Gingrich grinned as he pledged to dog President Barack Obama at every turn and from coast to coast next year if he’s the Republican nominee.

“The White House will be my scheduler, and wherever the president goes, I will show up four hours later to respond to his speech,” the GOP presidential candidate said wryly on a recent visit to Iowa.

Seemingly in unison, the 500 Iowa Republicans crowded into the banquet hall rose from their seats applauding, for there he was – the tested antagonist that Republicans here have been craving to go toe to toe with the Democratic incumbent.

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