From the HuffPost:

From contraceptives to breastfeeding to eating disorders, many women’s health issues are controversial. And it seems even breast cancer isn’t above all the bickering. On Wednesday a Christian group recalled the pink bible it manufactured and sold for those with breast cancer over concerns that some of the proceeds would go to Planned Parenthood.

The “Here’s Hope Breast Cancer Bible,” which included favorite passages from scripture, plus testimonies from breast cancer survivors, was sold at Walmart stores and other major retailers. $1 of the $24.99 spent on each bible went to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, the largest breast cancer organization in the country and inventor of the now ubiquitous pink ribbon worn to indicate support for breast cancer patients, survivors, and research.

Last week, pro-life websites began expressing outrage over the Bible, reports The Tennessean, since some Komen for the Cure affiliates give grants to Planned Parenthood to provide breast cancer services. Planned Parenthood, as everyone in American has been told, a lot, also performs abortions.

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