After fresh dose of zombie juice, McCain offers support to the Tin Man

I’m not so sure I’d want the backing of the man who gave us Sarah Palin.

From the Washington Post:

MANCHESTER, N.H. — They are the oddest of odd couples. Mitt Romney is buttoned up and buttoned down, a by-the-numbers manager driven by data, logic and hard-headedness. John McCain is a freewheeling and unpredictable warrior, a visceral politician who relies on his gut and his instincts to make his way.

At this moment in the 2008 campaign, the two were sworn enemies, dueling in a nasty New Hampshire primary campaign. On Wednesday they found political communion on a stage in the Granite State. It is what happens to politicians.

Their appearance together was one more attempt by the Romney forces to say to a Republican electorate still hesitant to wrap its arms around the former Massachusetts governor that victory is inevitable, so climb aboard. Maybe that will be the case. Voters here and elsewhere will decide that. Little has been certain in the Republican race. Romney’s team has been preparing for a long struggle, if necessary, but Tuesday’s eight-vote victory over former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum accelerates the campaign’s timetable.

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