Gingrich showing just how far up Romney’s ass his hand is going to go.

Newt is now on a mission to slash and burn Romney into the ground. What! Fun! Is this not shaping up to be one of the most entertaining primary seasons in memory? Even more fun that trying to figure out who in the Obama campaign started that “Hillary is a racist” whisper campaign last time around. Yes, I have a long memory . . .

From Mother Jones:

Newt Gingrich has finally reached his destiny: destroyer of the GOP.

In a bitter and spiteful concession speech last night in Iowa—Kanye West could do no worse—the former House speaker, who finished fourth, signaled a shift in his mission. He would no longer be running to obtain the Republican presidential nomination; he would be campaigning to obliterate Mitt Romney. He would be Sherman; the former Massachusetts governor would be Georgia.

If Gingrich does pursue this march—and there are two debates this weekend in New Hampshire in which Gingrich can be a suicide bomber—Gingrich will be reaching the peak of his three-decades-long career as a Republican demolition man. And now his target will be the candidate the GOP establishment believes possesses the best chance of unseating President Barack Obama.

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