This is what being taken for an idiot looks like

Another day, another reason to stop reading the Huffington Post. It’s like a very salty potato chip that gets you to eat just one more. But what a piece of crap this website is, and what a scam. Ariana gets richer by the day and her readers just keep sucking it up.

Why do I hate the HuffPost? Well, it pays nothing, steals everything, and gets its readers to click on bullshit headlines like this: State Supreme Court Delivers Harsh Blow to ‘Citizens United‘. The State in question is Montana, and while its Supreme Court voted to uphold a campaign finance law prohibiting corporate contributions, it in no way “delivers [a] harsh blow” to the wretched Citizens United ruling. To deliver a blow is to damage, to weaken. It’s misleading crap from a crap website with a million people a day nibbling at its crap sandwich.

Boycott the Huffington Post! I shall lead the way . . .

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