Cross-posted from along every Saturday as we explore the power to change. I’ll only post it once here at MadeMark.

This is an introductory video clip, as well as week one, of what will be a limited, six-month series about transformation. This is a transformation of body, mind and spirit that will happen right before your very eyes. You are the proof, the witnesses, and – for those who’d like to come along – fellow travelers.

I believe in shaping our lives and acknowledging that power is acceptable and accessible: the power to identify, decide, commit, and act. You’ll hear more about those in the video clips. I don’t want to explain too much in writing what I try to describe in the video. Suffice it to say that in six months time, one 10-minute weekly video clip at a time, I will be testing my thesis that, yes, it is up to us. We can de-clutter ours minds. We can live in our wellness instead of our illnesses.

It’s free, it’s productive, and hopefully it’s fun. Look for a new clip every Saturday for the next six months, many from my “studio” at home, some from other locations to spice it up. At the end of the journey, what we’ll see (I’ll be looking, too) is what we’ll get, and a new journey will be waiting. – Mark

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