Stand clear of the closing birth canal!

From the NY Daily News:

A New Jersey woman gave birth on a PATH train Monday as straphangers pitched in to help her panicked husband deliver a boy they nicknamed “Fast.”

Rabita Sarker, 31, of Harrison, N.J., said she thought she was just experiencing false labor pains when she boarded the train at the Journal Square station in Jersey City.
But as the train rumbled into Manhattan just before 10 a.m., the false alarm became a full-blown emergency.

“He decided to come and that was it. Nothing could stop him. Nothing could keep him inside for longer,” said Sarker, showing off her first-born child at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.

“I don’t think anybody could actually dream of such a delivery,” said Sarker, an Indian immigrant.

Sarker and her 30-year-old husband, Aditya Saurabh, said they were already headed to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt — believing it would just be a practice run for the real thing.
“We were coming here to check if it was false labor or not,” she said. “I was like, ‘Okay, I’m just doing it for peace of mind.’ ”

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