It continually bothers me that this blog has fallen so close to silent, but there’s really nothing I can do about that, short of quitting my job and creating much more time for myself, which isn’t going to happen quite yet. Most of my energy for web maintenance is going to, and everything else is going to Murder at Pride Lodge, the first of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries, and the accompanying website and photoblog I’m creating. It really leaves no mental space for keeping up MadeMark. Oh well. I want to keep the blog going because the day may come when I do have the time to really maintain it the way I once did, or maybe the other site will run its course for me and I’ll have my first blog love to return to. Who knows, but that’s the way it is for now.

We had friends Kathi and Kaye at the house this weekend. We visited New Hope for a few hours, then went to the Milford Oyster House – as close to a five yum establishment as you’ll find. Very delicious, and, I’d thought, very expensive . . . except Kathi secretly picked up the bill.

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