View from an airplane I’ll never have to see again.

After my father died in South Bend, Indiana, in late 2009, it was a relief in a way to know I would never have to go back.

From the South Bend Tribune:

SOUTH BEND – Two years ago Friday, President Obama signed the controversial Affordable Health Care Act. On that anniversary, protesters hit the streets in cities across the country.

More than 100 people gathered in front of the Morris Performing Arts Center in Downtown South Bend to protest the plan to make all employers supply health insurance that provides contraception, even if those employers disagree for religious reasons.

“We want the administration and their appointees to realize that there is major opposition to this,” said Tom Uebbing, rally organizer.

In opposition to the crowd was a small contingent of counter protesters.

“I’m here is peaceful silent counter protest for people trying to deny a woman’s right to birth control,” said Aleta Maria Barajas.

But the protest here also touched on a local issue of a different kind: A bill in the South Bend Common Council that would give gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered people protection against discrimination in the workplace. A bill that was voted down by the Common Council just last year. A bill Uebbing said, in front of the crowd, is a part of the “military homosexual movement.”

“This issue has some major moral concerns and so it’s not a hostile position, you just can’t address this in a law. It has bad consequences.” Uebbing said.

To speak on that issue in front of the crowd was Patrick Mangan, executive director of the Citizens for Community Values of Indiana.

“They (LGBT community) don’t qualify (as a protected class) because it is a behavior based identity, it is not an intrinsic identity.” Mangan said.

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