Fortunately we booked Virgin for our August trip to Vegas.

From the LA Times:

New York—

A Jet Blue pilot who began ranting and acting erratically as his flight headed from New York to Las Vegas — forcing the co-pilot to lock him out of the cockpit and make an emergency landing — has been described as a seemingly content family man who once hoped to be an astronaut.

Jet Blue identified the pilot as Clayton Osbon, who lives in Georgia but who maintains an apartment in the New York City borough of Queens because his flying base is New York. In a statement Tuesday night, it said that the captain of Flight 191 was receiving medical treatment.

The flight landed in Las Vegas at 4:13 p.m. local time Tuesday after initially making an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas, where the captain was removed from the flight after having been tackled by passengers and strapped down with their belts. “While we don’t know what led to the incident, what we can verify is that the pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo to ensure the captain received proper medical attention, and we know the captain was then transferred to a medical facility,” Jet Blue said.

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