From SF Examiner:

Super PACs are all the rage this election season, and one — with a particular focus and message — was recently formed in San Francisco with high hopes of helping re-elect President Barack Obama.

The new groups are known as super political action committees. They were created in 2010 and can raise unlimited amounts of campaign funding for their political causes.

Nationally, super PACs have recently garnered attention for negative campaign ads in Republican primaries in South Carolina and Illinois.

But in San Francisco, two residents are hoping to use an untapped community to do positive campaigning.

“We’re going to advocate, not bash anyone,” said Marcus Lovingood, founder of the Pride-LGBT super PAC.

Lovingood, a gay man living in San Francisco, said the LGBT community is an untapped resource that could really make a difference in the November race.

“The LGBT community is so incredibly strong,” he said. “If empowered more … I have the confidence the community will be engaged and work together on a larger scale.”

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