I’ve been on a Dump-Ann-Curry jaunt since she interviewed Paul Ryan earlier this week and failed to ask him about the tax cuts in his budget. At the same time, she asked him about cuts to social services, which gave him a platform to talk about getting lazy poor people off food stamps. She also let him say that Obama has made no budget proposals (a lie) and that he’s only pushing this for deficit reduction (another lie; see ‘TAX CUTS’).

Anyway, I know she’s only earning a salary in the millions. Poor Ann. Let her get a job that doesn’t require any more thought than she puts into reporting. I’m hoping she doesn’t write her own copy so she wouldn’t be responsible for today’s teaser about Lisa Rinna being the new spokesperson for Depend. The juvenile hilarity ensured. But Rinna was fabulous.

Quote for the day: “I am a woman aging, and we will all age and we will all die in the end, so let’s have fun doing it.” – Lisa Rinna

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