I glance at the Huffington Post now and then and see, nearly every time, why it’s the Walmart of the Internet. Not only have Ariana and her corporate concubines co-opted everything good and local (Huffington Post Gay, Huffington Post50, Huffington Post Oxnard), they consistently publish blaring, misleading headlines like the one in this photo. At first glance, which is what they rely on, you would think Michele Bachmann had said something “shocking and insulting” and you click on it, eager to read what craziness this woman said now. But it turns out Bachmann is saying that Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney were “shocking and insulting.” Fooled again!

Don’t read Huffington Post Gay: give your time to real, small gay blogs who aren’t just out to suck up more advertising revenue. The Huffington Post is to the Internet what Amazon.com is to the book store up the street that isn’t there anymore. And I like Amazon!

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