Frank and I went to see the amazing Tracie Bennett in ‘End of the Rainbow‘ last night for his birthday. It was my treat, as was as a terrific return trip to Kellari Taverna.  Kellari is at 19 44th Street, close to 5th Avenue, and while we’ve been there a couple times before it merits a write up.

You won’t find a Greek French fry in sight. This is as far from a diner as you can get, with an elegant interior and the kind of attentive staff that appears out of nowhere exactly when you need them. If they’re hovering, they’re hovering out of sight and sound, waiting to glide to the table when you’ve finished a plate or you’re in need of more bread.

The woman who waited on us was a pro from start to finish, and the finish consisted of Baklava with a candle and a “happy birthday” sung to Frank, which I hadn’t imagined they would do. (She had asked us what show we were going to see and I said I couldn’t tell her, it was for his birthday.  There you have it.)

They have a pre-theater prix fixe “established 2000 b.c.” and that’s what we went with.  You can either have a two course with appetizer and entree, or a three course with dessert.  I went with the spanikopita (Filo spinach pies) and Yiovetsi (Roasted orzo, shrimps, scallop, mussels and clam).  Frank had the wild salmon tartare and crab legs.  We ordered dessert but then they showed up with Baklava on the house.

This is a very good Greek restaurant, easily earning four yums. Not only is the food excellent, but the atmosphere and the outstanding service put it high on the list.   We’ve eaten at plenty of “pre-theater” restaurants and Kellari is one to keep going back to.

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