I’m beginning to think that if you look up the word “coward” you’ll find a photo of Mitt Romney next to it. The man’s only central operating motive seems to be the pursuit of power, specifically the presidency. He has remade himself into a far right zealot and recently thrown his foreign policy advisor under the bus for being openly gay and supportive of his own equality! Today Romney is trotting off to bow before the Christian mafia at Liberty University, and he plans to say little, if anything, about his Mormonism. Hey, Mitt, God is watching . . .

From Yahoo News:

On Saturday, Mitt Romney will deliver the commencement address at Liberty University, the evangelical Christian school founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell.

Liberty has been a frequent setting for Republican presidential hopefuls looking to shore up their credentials with Christian conservatives. John McCain addressed the graduates there in 2006.

While Romney’s appearance has been interpreted as an overt appeal to social conservatives, it’s still unclear if the presumptive Republican nominee will use the speech to address concerns about his Mormon faith or emphasize his stance on social issues, like his opposition to same sex marriage.

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