I was a Silver Surfer and Thor kid, but this has me in the Green Lantern fan camp.

From MTV:

When DC Comics relaunched its entire line of superheroes in 2011, big changes were made to their biggest characters: Superman was no longer married to Lois Lane, a secret criminal organization was running Gotham City completely under Batman’s radar, and Aquaman finally got some respect. But perhaps the biggest of all the alterations to a DC hero’s origin was just announced Friday (June 1): Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is gay.

First appearing in a 1940 issue of “All-American Comics,” Scott was originally introduced as a mystically driven hero who shared little in common with the intergalactic peace-keeping Green Lantern Corps, aside from his superhero name of choice. Now, he’ll be reintroduced in the pages of “Earth 2” — which takes place in a parallel world from the rest of the DC Universe — not only as a member of the Corps, but as a gay man as well.

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