I find it odd that in a country where a significant number of Republicans accuse President Obama of being a Muslim (as if that is something to be accused of), the religion of Mitt Romney seems to remain off-limits. Why is that? Why isn’t it fair game to not only ask questions, but (I wish) see an in-depth profile of the LDS Church, what they teach, and what their political agenda is?

For my own best take on Mormonism, read the late Christopher Hitchens’s book, ‘God Is Not Great,’ specifically a chapter titled ‘When a Racket Becomes a Religion.’ Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, was a charlatan, fraud and uber-huckster. And leaving aside even all that madness, the current Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints is very political, and in an often subversive way. They lurk in the shadows with buckets of cash, as they did when they spearheaded Prop 8 in California. And then there is their infiltration of the Boy Scouts (did you think the Boy Scouts were always homophobic and anti-atheist?)

So why is it that we are facing the prospect of putting someone who may well be a Mormon Church operative into the White House and no one is saying anything?

Please feel free to call me a bigot on this. I do not trust the LDS Church, having read far too much about their nefarious, secretive, deliberate actions to obtain and maintain political control, while all the time appearing to be neutral. They are not. If we are to elect Mitt Romney as our president, then we should at least be as informed as possible about a religion that insists on being pervasive in the lives of its adherents.

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